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Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree just has to go

We would prefer to use our expertise to preserve your trees, but there are times when removal becomes necessary. Our Certified Arborists can help you determine whether or not a tree can be saved, or if it would be better to remove the tree.


Quality Tree Removal Services

for a safer and more appealing property

We strongly prefer to save a tree, rather than cut it down, and we know that many of our customers feel the same way. Sometimes all it takes to make a tree safer and better-looking is some carefully-placed cables or structural pruning. But, when tree removal can't be avoided, the Arborists at Clauser Tree Care will make sure it's done quickly, safely, and affordably.

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    Tree Removal

    If you need a small or large tree removed, no matter the location or condition of the tree, you can count on the tree removal professionals at Clauser Tree Care to remove your tree quickly and safely.

    We offer affordable tree removal and stump grinding services for residential and commercial properties in parts of Montgomery & Bucks Counties.

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    How We Remove Trees

    Tree removal, particularly in tight spaces or near structures (such as your home), is definitely not a DIY job. It requires specialized equipment, including safety equipment, and extensive skills and training to do it efficiently, properly, and safely.

    Often, trees are removed in pieces, usually with a climber or a tree worker in a bucket truck who cuts it apart. Sometimes, we can lift a tree out with a crane. And other times we can simply fell it if there's enough open space to do it safely.

    Clauser Tree Care takes pride in safely removing trees from nearly any landscape. We take great care not to damage property or structures and that our staff are following the highest safety standards.

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    Why Remove a Tree?

    Below are some of the reasons trees are cut down -

The tree is dead or dying, causing a hazardous situation as it continues to deteriorate

The tree poses a significant safety hazard to property and people, and the problem can't be fixed through other means

The tree is blocking access and pruning alone can't clear the way

The tree is crowding and damaging other nearby trees

The tree casts too much shade, making it impossible to grow a lawn

The tree is going to be replaced with a different tree that's better for the space

Nearby construction will severely damage or kill the tree

Stump Grinding Services

When a tree is removed, you're going to be left with a stump - even the most skilled arborist can't cut a tree below ground level. If you need stump grinding after we've removed your tree, our team will take care of it!

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    Stump Grinding

    Stumps from rotten or fallen trees don't add to the curb appeal of your property. And, if a tree has been removed, the remaining stump doesn't look much better. That's why we offer stump grinding as an add-on to our tree removal services.

    The Clauser Tree Care stump removal professionals can grind a tree stump and eliminate the risks that come with letting it sit on your property.

    If you'd like us to grind the tree stump after taking down your tree, please let our Estimator know when they visit your property to give you a tree removal quote. 

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    How We Grind Stumps

    Digging a stump out yourself is only possible if the stump is very small; larger stumps require a professional stump grinding company with the right equipment for the job. Not only is it safer and quicker, but it's usually cheaper and much, much more effective!

    Often, stumps are ground into pieces, usually with a special industrial wood chipper. The machine is able to chip the stump lower than ground level, leaving wood chips and some root material.

    Our stump grinders are able to access most yards and other locations as long as there's a 36" opening we can get through. Depending on the tree's location, we can usually grind the stump down to 6-10" below grade. We'll put all grindings into a pile and will use some of them to temporarily fill the hole left by the stump. Optional services include removing the stump grindings and chasing above-ground roots. 

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    Why Grind Tree Stumps?

    Let's face it - tree stumps are unsightly and they get in the way (backyard football games? no way!). Besides the aesthetic reasons for removing tree stumps, there are health and safety considerations that make stump grinding an excellent choice for most people.

The stump poses a safety hazard to people and lawn equipment

The stump is ruining your home's curb appeal, especially as it starts to deteriorate

It's attracting pests and fungal diseases that could spread to nearby plants and trees

You want to make better use of the space, such as for a lawn, patio, or vegetable garden

You want to plant another tree in the same space (Note: remaining underground portions of stump and root material will limit the size of new tree you can plant)

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Need Tree Removal in Doylestown, Lansdale, or Nearby Towns?

We make it easy! Give us a call or complete our online request form (we'll call you back the same day or the next morning). Our office staff will schedule a visit from our arborist to assess your tree(s) and let you know whether it can be saved or should be removed. You'll have a tree removal estimate the same day.


A Few Words From Our Local Tree Removal Customers

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This company and crew were professional and considerate of the neighborhood while removing several large trees, and very thoughtful of the yard and clean up, plus incredibly more reasonable compared to other estimates.

J L.

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Responsive and excellent customer service. Removed a tree in very tough area and did an incredible job. Significantly less in price compared to 2 other companies. Thank you!

Nicole S.

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Exceptional work, I had a lot of crane work done to remove ten trees, large trees. They were careful, different teams of men to add experience to each request! Very nice people! I've gotten several estimates, and Clauser always beats them!

Nancy C.


Get the highest quality of residential and commercial tree services in parts of Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We look forward to working with you!

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