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Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood for fireplaces & restaurants

Clauser Tree Care delivers high-quality firewood to many parts of Montgomery and Bucks Counties, including towns such as Chalfont, Warminster, New Britain, and Dublin.

Whether you're looking for seasoned firewood for an outdoor firepit, pizza oven or grill, or to keep you warm during our frigid winters, you can count on Clauser's hardwood firewood to burn hot and light easily.

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Why Buy Your Firewood From Clauser Tree Care?

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    Hardwoods Only

    All of our Pennsylvania firewood is high-quality hardwood, such as oak, hickory, ash, cherry and maple (no soft, quick-burning wood like pine!). It's harvested and processed by us so we know exactly what's in each and every order.

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    Guaranteed to Burn

    We fully season our firewood to take the moisture content down to less than 20%, so our firewood burns hot and lights quickly. Stop wasting hours trying to start a fire!

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    Clean & Fuss-Free

    Our seasoned firewood is always clean, with no hidden pests, insect eggs, mold, or mildew, and definitely no dirt or caked-on mud. All pieces are cut to 16"-18" lengths for easy handling; use them in fireplaces, stoves, ovens, firepits, and more!


Firewood Delivery & Pricing

To keep prices low and ensure that we can make as many deliveries as possible, we will dump the firewood anywhere that can be accessed with our truck/trailer without driving off hard/paved surfaces. No stacking services are offered.

We put together deliveries day-to-day depending on equipment and crew availability and will call you when we are looking to deliver your order; we will not deliver unless we have a verbal response from you.

All of our seasoned firewood is sold as loose cords loaded via front end loaded. We do not sell face cords.

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Order your firewood today!

Give us a call during regular business hours to let us know how much firewood you'd like and where you want us to deliver it. We'll give you a fair price and an estimated delivery date.